Bond Measure J

The Hope Elementary School District passed Measure J bond of $47.4 million dollars in March 2020. The district is beginning the launch of the Measure J bond program with the first projects going out to bid in April 2021. It will include new and modernization projects at our three elementary schools – Hope, Monte Vista, and Vieja Valley.

The first series of $12 million dollars was sold in May 2020 and received in June 2020 and deposited in fund 22. The district must spend 85% of those proceeds within three years. Staff predicts all $47.4 million proceeds will bill spent by 2025. Closing out the bond program requirements by June 2026.

Our first project, the modernization of the multi-purpose room at Vieja Valley. Is anticipated to go out to bid early April 2021.

For more information please see additional sections on webpage to review school site project list, timeline and status.

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